Great Childhood Memories Start Here

Your Kids Will Love It!

Are you a parent who wishes your kids would play more outdoors? Here’s a proposal: a Play-Mor Set.

This timeless brand is renowned for its quality, choices, warranties, and creativity. The trademark was founded more than 20 years ago, and today it’s synonymous with childhood memories.

We are authorized resellers, using cohesive materials and techniques to bring a great product and play area to your backyard. The structure is furthermore made with an eco-friendly product, Southern yellow pine, according to our partner’s specifications. This wood has an excellent reforestation rate, and when your kids have outgrown the structure, you can donate, repair, or reuse for other purposes!

Invite the Whole Neighborhood!

With Play-Mor, you can add features as you like. Start with a tower and slide, add an A-frame, a bridge, another tower, and many other features. You are only limited by your kids’ imagination!

About Upkeep and Warranties

We are known for the Play-Mor Sets. Warranty on products will vary, but even after the warranty is over, we will still be able to service products for a fee.

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